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Poker Buddy
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Poker Buddy helps track and improve your gameáá

Resting quietly in your Windows™ taskbar or in your Palm™ until you need him, PokerBuddy is ready to help you with various tasks necessary to being successful in the world of poker. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, PokerBuddy can help you track and improve your game.

  • Tracking your Game
    PokerBuddy will automatically track and instantaneously recalculate important statistics.
  • Tracking Different Types of Play
    PokerBuddy can tell the difference between Live Action and Online Tournaments
  • Run Home Tournaments
    PokerBuddy's new Tournament Director gives you tools to run your home tournaments.
  • Calculate Hand Odds
    PokerBuddy's new hand odds calculator can give you a quick and easy way to calculate outs and the odds of hitting one of those mega jokers.
  • Tracking your Bankroll
    By recording your deposits and withdrawals, PokerBuddy can instantaneously tell you the size of your current bankroll
  • Track your Loans
    PokerBuddy will track the money that is owed to you or that you owe to others.
  • Finding Poker Rooms
    PokerBuddy can help you find a poker room by city, state or country.
  • Session Data Synchronization
    When used on multiple computers on your home network, PokerBuddy can easily transfer session data from one to another.
  • Notifying you
    PokerBuddy will optionally alert you when a special poker event will be occurring.

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ááLatest PokerBuddy Update Version 2004.12.25.59
  • Bug Fix - Fixed display problem of session data on the session statistics page.
  • Enhancement - Added button on the About page to clear game, loan, bankroll and opponent data.
  • Enhancement - The Statistics page will now filter data for Online and Brick & Mortar casinos.
ááLatest PokerBuddy Anywhere! Update Version 2004.6.28.11
  • BugFix - Fixed an issue when trying to install PokerBuddy Anywhere on a system that did not already have userdata.dll installed.
  • Enhancement - Updated the installer to only install when prerequisite applications are installed.
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