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Poker Buddy
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Poker Buddy helps track and improve your gameáá


You can download a free trial version of PokerBuddy Anywhere!. This trial version has certain limitations, such as to the number of sessions you can record, but is otherwise functional.


Minimum requirements:

PalmOS™ Device (Sony Clie, Zire, etc.)
PalmOS™ 4.1.2 or Greater
2MB Ram or Greater
200k Free Storage Space

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File Size



$30 (Please click here to order).
$20 when purchased with PokerBuddy for Windows.

Trial Version

Available. Click on button below to download.

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áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.28.11
  • BugFix - Fixed an issue when trying to install PokerBuddy Anywhere on a system that did not already have userdata.dll installed.
  • Enhancement - Updated the installer to only install when prerequisite applications are installed.

áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.23.11
  • Enhancement - Added a help icon to each of the application forms.
  • Enhancement - Added help to each total on the view statistics form.

áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.22.4
  • BugFix - Fixed problem with setting the Game, Limit and Location fields on the Add/Edit Session screen.
  • Enhancement - Added a help icon to the Main and Calc Odds Pages.

áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.18.20
  • Enhancement - Initial Beta Release.


Poker Buddy Anywhere!

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