Poker Buddy
Poker Buddy
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Poker Buddy helps track and improve your gameáá

We are now pre-announcing our new product for the PalmOS "PokerBuddy Anywhere!". This product should be available soon from this website.

  • Take it with you!
    PokerBuddy Anywhere! can be used on any PalmOS handheld device such as a Handspring, Sony Clie, or Palm Pilot. (Requires PalmOS 4.1 or greater with 170k+ available storage space).
  • Tracking your Game
    Poker Buddy will automatically track and instantaneously recalculate important statistics.
  • Tracking Different Types of Play
    Poker Buddy can tell the difference between Live Action and Tournaments
  • Calculate Hand Odds
    Poker Buddy's new hand odds calculator can give you a quick and easy way to calculate outs and the odds of hitting one of those outs.
  • Finding Poker Rooms
    Poker Buddy can help you find a poker room by city, state or country.
  • Seemless Integration
    PokerBuddy Anywhere! integrates seemlessly with PokerBuddy for Windows via HotSync to maintain Cardrooms, Sessions, Games and Limit data. You can now enter your session on your Palm™ and after a HotSync, see that session in your TaskBar.

Poker Buddy Anywhere!

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