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Poker Buddy helps track and improve your gameáá


You can download a free trial version of PokerBuddy. This trial version is limited to the number of sessions you can record, but is otherwise functional.


Minimum requirements:

Windows™ 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP.

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$30 (Please click here to order).

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áááChangeLog for Version 2004.12.25.59
  • Bug Fix - Fixed display problem of session data on the session statistics page.
  • Enhancement - Added button on the About page to clear game, loan, bankroll and opponent data.
  • Enhancement - The Statistics page will now filter data for Online and Brick & Mortar casinos.
áááChangeLog for Version 2004.7.11.56
  • Enhancement - Added Data Transfer function. PokerBuddy now autodiscovers other PokerBuddies on the same network allowing you to transfer your session data to another PokerBuddy. Manual session data transfer is now possible as well.
  • Enhancement - Added Loan Tracking module. PokerBuddy can now track the amounts you owe to other people and the amounts that are owed to you.
áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.28.53
  • BugFix - Fixed a serious bug where install was not adding in stock data when PokerBuddy was installed on a new system.
  • BugFix - Fixed several cosmetic bugs where eval messages still referred to an outdated product link.
  • BugFix - Fixed an issue in displaying time in 12 hour format on the Add/Edit session screen.
  • Enhancement - Added a Tournament Director feature which assist you in running your own home poker tournaments.
  • Enhancement - Added a sample tournament structure mimicking the Orleans weekly Monday no limit tournaments.
áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.23.52
  • BugFix - Fixed a problem when adding sessions with times around 12:00 am/pm.
  • BugFix - Fixed a bug where PokerBuddy would exit when selecting "Close" from the right click menu on the window in the taskbar. The form is now hidden as designed.
áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.17.47
  • BugFix - Fixed calculation of outs with potential straight hands.
  • Enhancement - Added ability to add/edit/delete Card Rooms from the Find Room grid.
  • Enhancement - Added options to control the HotSync process in anticipation of our upcoming release of PokerBuddy Anywhere! for the PalmOS
  • Enhancement - Altered registration algorithm to allow for future product upgrades. You must have an updated registration code to use this update. If you have problems registering this upgrade, please contact support at
áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.1.47
  • BugFix - Fixed an Access Violation that occurred when upgrading to the latest version of PokerBuddy.
  • Enhancement - Added an restore function. PokerBuddy has long had a database backup function, but no way to restore.
áááChangeLog for Version 2004.6.1.45
  • BugFix - Changed outdated links in app to point to new website.
  • Enhancement - Added a Poker Hand Odds Calculator.
áááChangeLog for Version 2004.1.1.33
  • BugFix - Visual Bug in the date selection calendar used in Bankroll & Add Session screen.
  • BugFix - Bankroll was errantly deducted when a session was edited.
  • BugFix - Excel Export failed.
  • Enhancement - New date selection calendar allowing more options for date entry and selection.
  • Enhancement - New time selection allowing you to enter both the time started and time finished while automatically calculating the hours played.


  • Tracking your Game
  • Tracking Different Types of Play
  • Tracking your Bankroll
  • Running Home Tournaments
  • Finding Poker Rooms
  • Notifying you


Poker Buddy - Add Poker Section
Add Poker Section

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