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Poker Buddy
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Poker Buddy helps track and improve your gameáá

áááTracking your Game

As you play, enter each session into Poker Buddy using the quick and easy "Add Session" screen. Poker Buddy will automatically track this and instantaneously recalculate important statistics such as your win rate, hourly rate, streaks and more. Poker Buddy's session tracking log can also be exported to Microsoft's Excel for use in any way you see fit.

áááTracking Different Types of Play

Poker Buddy can tell the difference between Live Action and Tournaments and will report statistics to you separately if you wish. This means that you can find out if you are a better tournament player than live action player. Also, if you play online for "Play Money", then poker buddy can separately track play money sessions.

áááRun Home Tournaments

Configure your own home tournament structures or select from a real-life casino tournament structure then run the tournament. PokerBuddy shows a fullscreen running status of the tournament just like you might see in a real casino. Now you don't have to wonder how much time remains in a level or what the current blind structure is. Just glance over to the computer screen.

áááCalculate Hand Odds

Poker Buddy's new hand odds calculator can give you a quick and easy way to calculate outs and the odds of hitting one of those outs. Learn the odds of hitting your hand on the flop, turn or river, or at any point in the hand.

áááTracking your Bankroll

By recording your deposits and withdrawals, Poker Buddy can instantaneously tell you the size of your current bankroll, your total profit/loss, and how much money you have dumped into your game.

áááTracking your Loans

PokerBuddy's loan tracker will help you keep track of the people you owe. It will also help to track any money that is owed to you. Simply log each loan and payment to quickly see how much you owe and to whom you owe. Statistics let you know how your debts and loans net with your bankroll.

áááSession Data Synchronization

PokerBuddy can synchronize data between PokerBuddies. If you use multiple PokerBuddies on the same home network, PokerBuddy will automatically seek out and find compatible PokerBuddies with which it can synchronize. Select a PokerBuddy from that list and your session data will be sent automatically. If you do not have a home network, you can still synchronize manually via a disk file.

áááFinding Poker Rooms

Going on the road? Poker Buddy can help you find a poker room in the city, state or country you will be visiting.

áááNotifying you

Poker buddy will optionally alert you when a special poker event will be occurring or when something of importance has happened in the poker world. He will also keep you apprized of special tournament opportunities.



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